Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Hammurabi and Krewe t'Screwe


  1. no disrespect to Hammurabi (of which i consider myself a proud inaugural marcher), but all of the above pics (except for maybe the last blurry one) are of Krewe t'Screwe. sorry, but i believe credit should be given where credit is due, and those awesome, friendly, respectful, fun-loving bywaterites deserve credit for the band, the crawfish, the bike-float thingy, the parade route, and most importantly, for helping bring into existence one of the coolest, most legal krewes this side of the Mesopotamic. SHOUT OUT TO CHRIS from BACCHANAL Wine and Spirits, and MIMI from MIMI's In The Marigny and all the bar owners who let us rampage their bars along the way!

  2. My apologies. Krewe t'Screwe does deserve credit as it is depicted in all the photographs. I, as a member of the Krewe of Hammurabi, am delighted to have been a part of Krewe t'Screwe's great grass roots parade. Thanks to all who made Krewe t'Screwe happen.

  3. No, no - the apologies should be mine - I promoted Hammurabi without giving enough shoutouts to Krewe T'Skrewe along the way. I, too, send many thanks to the organizers for making it happen!

    I think it's just that Hammurabsters viewed the day through that lens, while charles had the perspective of being a full participant/having full awareness of the members and distinctions of both crowds.

    We'll have to work out some way to contribute funds to offset any security costs next year as a subkrewe.